Turning Stone Farm

Turning Stone Farm

Greensboro, Vermont


Turning Stone Farm is a small-scale, family owned and operated integrated agricultural farm and creative studio located in Greensboro, Vermont.

Our grounds feature a variety of vegetable and herb gardens, annual and perennial flower gardens, various berry patches, apple, pear, and plum trees, and grape vines, which we cultivate both for their tasty bounty as well as their seasonal beauty. At the heart of Turning Stone Farm, is the Greensboro Barn, a historic 1880s post and beam barn that we have been restoring for over 30 years. Originally built atop an older early 1800s barn, this agricultural cathedral features two cupolas adorned with copper weathervanes designed by Jennifer and Ezra, and is a true sight to behold. We are also artists, honing our craft in a variety of art forms, from clay, watercolors, and oils, to kinetics, photography, and film and are inspired by our surroundings to create, finding harmonious ways to weave together the natural and human-made world.

Come visit us, stay here, explore our art gallery, or host a special event! Nestled among rolling hills and beside pristine Caspian Lake, in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, Turning Stone Farm is a beautiful place to create memories to last a lifetime.


491 Country Club Rd, Greensboro, VT 05841