Turning Stone Farm

Our Story

Turning Stone Farm is a small-scale, family owned and operated integrated agricultural farm and creative studio located in Greensboro, Vermont.

First farmed in 1795, Turning Stone Farm has seen many iterations and withstood the test of time. For the last 30 years, our family has been transforming the property through creative expression, gardens, and the barn.

Today, Turning Stone Farm is a year-round home and art studio. Seasonal activities include our art gallery, wedding and special-event venue, and extensive gardens and orchard growing a variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.


Meet the Ranz family!

Left to right: Elias, Jennifer, Naomi, & Ezra


Turning Stone Farm is my home, studio, and creative playground. You can find me tending the gardens and orchards, playing tennis, or swimming in Caspian Lake. I am an artist and produce a selection of pottery and ceramic jewelry you can see in the Greensboro Barn Gallery.



I split time between Greensboro and Burlington where I work as an artist, engineer, and entrepreneur. I enjoy making stuff, painting, kinetic sculpture, traveling, and being outdoors.



As a film and media producer, public health advocate, non-profit leader, and event planner, I bounce between Greensboro, Vermont, New York City and the rest of the globe. always returning home to Turning Stone Farm. Throughout the seasons, I enjoy taming the grape vines, baking, and find creative ways to weave together my many passions.



I live in Burlington where I am a software test engineer at Dealer.com. In my free time I enjoy long walks, movies, playing video games, and working on personal coding projects.


Turning Stone Farm is my home and playground. I am very friendly and super-adorable. I enjoy treats, getting petted, and chasing (not retrieving) tennis balls and squirrels.

The Ranz Family, left to right- Naomi, Jennifer, Ellie, Ezra, and Elias

The Ranz Family, left to right- Naomi, Jennifer, Ellie, Ezra, and Elias

Jennifer in her ceramics studio applying glazes.

Jennifer in her ceramics studio applying glazes.

Greensboro Barn at Turning Stone Farm

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Turning Stone Farm

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